Climate Podcast Recommendations

With podcasts gaining more and more popularity, there are now a variety of podcasts that address the topic of climate change and science! This medium of information is easily digestible and can keep people updated on relevant climate news and topics. Founder of Cascadia Climate Action, Mary Manous, is an avid listener and has recommended the following podcasts.

Mother Jones- Now is the Time to Freak Out

This episode interviews David Wallace Wells, deputy director of The New York Times and author of the book The Uninhabitable Earth. In his interview, Wallace Wells talks about his belief that scientists have been too timid in their approach to releasing detrimental climate information and how he has been branded as an “alarmist.”

You can find the podcast on all listening platforms, or here. You can also check out the website for more articles and podcasts.

KRWC- Fighting Climate Change at the Local Level

This episode from KRWC discusses the book Legal Pathways to the Deep Decarbonization of the  United States with co-author Michael Gerrard. With over 1000 recommendations to lower carbon levels while also creating jobs, this handbook brings an encouraging attitude to pessimistic projections for the environment.

You can find the book and podcast on the website, or check it out on iTunes, Spotify and other podcast listening sites.

KRWC- The ‘Smoking Gun’ of Climate Change in the Arctic